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In the modern medical practice doctors note the spread of the yeast bacteria which are sexually-transmitted as well as tactile contacts of people. These bacteria are dangerous because the symptoms are not manifested at once and it is quite difficult to remove the development of the infection on the initial stage. That is why people are recommended to have special medical examinations 1-2 times a year and if the symptoms of the fungal infections are detected, the preventive measures or treatment with the help of Abilify must be started.

Abilify antibiotic is a trichomonicidal, antiulcer, antimicrobial medical product which is prescribed for the treatment of the fungal infectious diseases. This drug is widely used for the treatment of the sexually-transmitted diseases as genitals of men and women are the best environment for the development of yeast bacteria.

Abilify sale increases every year due to the spread of the fungal infections. This shows that people have become to take care of their health more and they take the preventive measures to protect their body.

The multiple medical studies in different laboratory conditions have shown that Abilify yeast infection is the best antibacterial remedy for the treatment of the fungal bacteria at the moment. Abilify cost is lower than the cost of the ineffective antibacterial remedies of the identical action. That is why choosing the drug a high cost is not a sign of the quality.

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Abilify is a high efficiency antiprotozoal and antibacterial medical product of the broad-spectrum action. It shows activity concerning Trichomonas vaginalis, Giardia intestinalis, Bacteroides vulgatus and many other pathogenic microorganisms. This antibiotic is regarded as the best remedy for the treatment of trichomonas vaginitis and other sexually-transmitted diseases. Abilify vaginal destroys bacteria in the usual for them environment and acts irrespective of the infection severity and duration of the bacterium development.

The pharmacological action of this drug is based on the biochemical recovery of 5-nitrogroup of the intracellular transport protein in protozoa and fungi. Due to this 5-nitrogroup interacts with DNA of the cell of the pathogenic microorganisms inhibiting their production of the components needed for the further development and growth of bacterium. Due to this there is a destruction of bacteria and dissolution of their cells.

Usage and dosage

Abilify is released in different medical forms for the fastest defeat of fungi in all sites of the body. Abilify tablets are often used for the local treatment of infections as the half-life of the drug components in the tablets is big and this provides a long effect. Abilify injection is often used before the surgical interventions to prevent fungous infections. The intravenous introduction of the drug quickly brings the antibiotic into the needed area of the body and a protective layer is created there.

Before taking the drug it is necessary to exactly diagnose and find out the type of the disease. After this it is possible to prescribe a correct Abilify dosage for the fast and effective treatment.

  • patients with trichomoniasis are prescribed Abilify 250 mg 2 times a day within 10 days
  • in case of the severe infections such as nonspecific vaginitis Abilify 500 mg is prescribed
  • Abilify dosage may be changed during the treatment depending on the efficiency of the therapy
  • The length of the drug usage is indicated individually for each type of the infection.